Although the disorders of the rectum, anus and colon affect a great number of people, they are still perceived by some as an embarrassing problem. Bearing this fact in mind and taking great care of our Patients’ health, we offer a wide range of specialist proctology surgical procedures. In our clinic you can rely on the professional aid and advice of our highly qualified surgeons and comfortable and discreet conditions.

We deliver both conservative and surgery treatment procedures of hemorrhoids that are believed to be caused, among others, by pregnancy, prolonged sitting, prolonged straining and intensive physical activity and aging. We perform, among others, a highly effective and minimally invasive DGHAL (Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation) innovative hemorrhoid surgery.

Basing on our wide experience and highly qualified team of specialists, we also deliver a complex anal fissure surgical procedure as well as offer botulinum treatment for anal fissure.

We also specialise in surgically treating anal fistulas, using an innovative minimally invasive AFP (Anal Fistula Plug) surgery that is highly effective and gives long lasting results.

We diagnose and treat such symptoms as itchiness, chronic constipation, unpleasant odour, pain in the anus and inflammation of the skin around the anus.

If you notice any distressing symptoms around the anus or observe defecatory problems, do not hesitate to contact our clinic immediately. During an individual consultation our specialist will clearly and tactfully discuss the problem, offer a diagnosis and suggest an individual treatment plan.