Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Many women who have fought cancer, or suffered from trauma or congenital defect, opt for a breast reconstruction surgery. It is often a very significant step on the way to gain your confidence back and feel a woman again.

Due to our many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we achieve excellent results in the field of breast reconstruction techniques. Our specialists deliver complex surgical procedures, such as among others DIEP flap microsurgical breast reconstruction, when the tissue is removed from the lower abdomen and transferred to the chest using microsurgery. The effect of the surgery is a new, aesthetic breast and the added benefit of a flatter abdomen.

The reconstructive techniques performed by our highly skilled surgeons vary according to a Patient’s specific needs. We deliver the abdominal flap (TRAM) or back (LD) flap breast reconstruction procedures.

We also perform breast implants reconstructions that can include three different stages. During the first surgery, a surgeon inserts in the removed breast area a tissue expander which helps reach the acceptable size of a breast. The second stage is a replacement of the expander with a more permanent implant. Reconstruction of the aerola and nipple are performed as a final stage of the operation.

The reconstructive surgeries vary according to the timing of the operation and the procedures used. During individual consultations with our specialists Patients are informed about the details of the procedure and are given professional guidance regarding the further treatment.