How can I prepare for the consultation?

How can I prepare for the consultation?

A consultation with a doctor specialising in plastic surgery is similar to any other doctor’s visit. It consists of an interview with the patient followed by a doctor’s examination. To benefit the most from the consultation, think beforehand to determine the goal of your visit – are you looking to e.g. correct a drooping eyelid which impairs vision, or are you are looking for an aesthetic procedure, or perhaps several procedures?

This is the time to decide whether you want to undergo one or several procedures, how they will be performed and what results you can count on. In the course of the consultation, the specialist will ask additional, detailed questions to help define your expectations and translate them into language that is understandable to both sides. This is the best moment to ask any questions, resolve any doubts or ask to clarify any medical terms you may not understand. It is a good idea to write down your questions beforehand, as it is easy to forget them during the visit.

During the consultation the doctor – plastic surgeon, will want to examine the relevant area of your body. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing. If the prospective changes concern the face, consider applying only light makeup or no makeup at all, so that any imperfections – wrinkles, capillaries or anatomical changes – are visible to the doctor without distortions.

Another important point is to communicate information about your current health status – what medication and/or supplements you take on a permanent basis, whether you suffer from any chronic disease or have recently undergone any aesthetic or surgical procedures. This is an integral part of the planned treatment and preparation for the procedure.

It is important to approach each visit with a positive attitude – the role of the doctor is that of a guide who will ask the relevant questions, determine your precise goal, and lead you through the entire treatment process.