Below are frequently asked questions and answers. We did our best to answer all questions fully and factually, but if you need additional explanations, please contact us by phone, email or fill out the contact form on our site.

  • Frequently asked questions:

The price of a standard consultation is PLN 250. The visit includes a doctor’s examination focused on the changes you are looking to implement.

The specialist will then present and discuss the available solutions, their advantages and limitations, and the resulting cost of the procedure. This is the time to ask questions you may have, and to benefit from the knowledge of our specialists.

The consultation is a time dedicated individually by the doctor to the patient. A consultation usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

How long the consultation takes depends on the complexity, therapeutic options, need to perform additional examinations (e.g. ultrasound examination), as well as expectations and number of questions the patient may have. Timeless approaches each patient individually, providing maximum comfort and specialist knowledge to address all concerns.

Reaching a decision to make changes to your body is an important event. If you have a person who supports you and their presence does not violate your privacy, that person may accompany you during the visit. Additionally, a person who is close to you may help ask additional questions or communicate the idea of changes you want to make.

Keep in mind that a consultation, like any other doctor’s examination, is a meeting of a doctor and their patient. The interview may include personal questions concerning past and present illnesses, use of medication or expectations of the procedure. You may ask to continue alone with the doctor at any point of the examination. The main goal of the visit is to determine the optimum treatment plan in comfort and safety.

A consultation with a doctor specialising in plastic surgery is similar to any other doctor’s visit. It consists of an interview with the patient followed by a doctor’s examination. To benefit the most from the consultation, think beforehand to determine the goal of your visit – are you looking to e.g. correct a drooping eyelid which impairs vision, or are you are looking for an aesthetic procedure, or perhaps several procedures?

This is the time to decide whether you want to undergo one or several procedures, how they will be performed and what results you can count on. In the course of the consultation, the specialist will ask additional, detailed questions to help define your expectations and translate them into language that is understandable to both sides. This is the best moment to ask any questions, resolve any doubts or ask to clarify any medical terms you may not understand. It is a good idea to write down your questions beforehand, as it is easy to forget them during the visit.

During the consultation the doctor – plastic surgeon, will want to examine the relevant area of your body. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing. If the prospective changes concern the face, consider applying only light makeup or no makeup at all, so that any imperfections – wrinkles, capillaries or anatomical changes – are visible to the doctor without distortions.

Another important point is to communicate information about your current health status – what medication and/or supplements you take on a permanent basis, whether you suffer from any chronic disease or have recently undergone any aesthetic or surgical procedures. This is an integral part of the planned treatment and preparation for the procedure.

It is important to approach each visit with a positive attitude – the role of the doctor is that of a guide who will ask the relevant questions, determine your precise goal, and lead you through the entire treatment process.

Local anaesthesia is used in small surgical procedures. During this kind of operation you remain fully conscious but you do not feel any pain, except for the initial sting of the needle delivering the analgesic agent.

This is possible thanks to the local application of agents that block the sensation of pain. It is used for small-area operations, e.g. of the eyelid, ear, or when it is important to keep the patient conscious during the procedure. Certain lipoaspiration procedures (removal or “suction” of fat tissue) is also performed under local anaesthesia, as the fluid introduced into the tissues during the procedures contains local analgesics.

General anaesthesia removes not only pain – through analgesic action – but also the patient’s consciousness for the duration of the procedure. The patient “sleeps” through the operation. It is used in larger, longer operations. Examples include: breast augmentation with implants, surgical reconstruction of the breasts using the abdominal flap, nose operations. This is a safe way to perform longer or more complex procedures ensuring full comfort to the patient.

Every procedure requires adequate preparation, not only of the personnel, but most importantly of the patient. Our priority is safety, therefore we recommend that before every operation you undergo a number of relevant examinations to evaluate your health status. The type of examinations may differ depending on the planned procedure.

At Timeless you can undergo most of the necessary blood tests plus ECG. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform additional examinations, e.g. a radiogram (X-ray) of the chest or tomography of the head, which you will need to undergo by yourself. Your specialist will issue the necessary referrals and we will recommend places where you can perform them.

Yes. Certain procedures will render you temporarily incapable of working. Upon the patient’s request, we issue a sick leave certificate (ZUS-ZLA) for the duration of the procedure and recovery period.

At Timeless we approach each patient individually, which is why we have not developed an overall price list for our procedures. The cost depends not only on the type of operation, but also the way it is performed, the techniques applied, the transplants or implants used – all these parameters can only be correctly chosen during the consultation. An in-depth examination and exhaustive interview with you will help plan the procedure to deliver maximum benefits and the desired effect.

Our specialists have many years of experience in plastic surgery, oncology surgery and general surgery which ensures an individualised approach to each patient’s procedure and problems. The knowledge and experience of the Timeless team are reflected in the broad range of services we offer – we perform comprehensive and complex reconstruction and microsurgery procedures. We do not advertise our products with low prices only to have the final price turn out much higher after the consultation. We develop an optimal treatment scheme, adapted to your preferences and capabilities.